vncdotool 0.10.0

vncdotool is a command line VNC client and library, this release brings usabilty improvments and is available on PyPi and GitHub

The most user visible features are that vnclog now supports --password-required allowing it to properly work with password protected servers. The handling of errors inside vncdo has been improved so it should no longer hang after an error connecting to a server. Also, vncdotool once again works with the latest version of Pillow. Thanks to Ezra Bühler, vncdotool is able to connect to servers that support higher versions of the VNC protocol.

The final change is that vncdotool will no longer be supporting python 2.6. It has become too difficult to maintain 2.6 support when many of the tools and libraries it depends on are no longer supporting py2.6. If you must use py2.6 a know good set of requirements have been frozen in requirements-2.6.txt. If you require commerical support you may contact me to discuss options.

For a full list of changes see the CHANGELOG

As always thanks to everyone who provided feedback, bug reports and pull requests. In particular, thanks to Ezra Bühler, Brant Xiong, Andrey Dudin, Dmitry Veltishev and anatoly techtonik.