vncdotool 1.1.0

vncdotool is a command line VNC client and library, this release, moderizes to use Python3, adds type hinting, support for Apple Remote Desktop, IPv6.

Huge thanks to @pmhahn for single handedly driving conversion to modern Python3, as well as cleaning up a ton of outstanding issues.

  • [BREAKING] drop python 2.x support, thanks @pmhahn
  • Use built-in Unittest and mock for testing
  • PEP-484 type hinting, thanks @pmhahn
  • Doc improvements, thanks @luke-jr, @pmhahn, @samiraguiar
  • Test for byte handling, thanks @ponty, refs #177
  • Internal implementation of DES replaced by PyCrotodomeX

  • Support for Apple Remote Desktop (ARD), thanks @andywgrant, @pmhahn
  • Support for pseudo-encoding LastRec, thanks @pmhahn
  • Support for Extended QEMU Key Events, thanks @pmhahn
  • Support IPv6 addresses for server connection, thanks @pmhahn

  • Bugfix, use configured log outputs over stdout, thanks @pevogam
  • Bugfix, handle invalid password, thanks @dozysun
  • Bugfixes for loggingproxy, thanks @joachimmetz, @pmhahn, @guicho271828